NKR K800 Online Karaoke Computer Sound Card is Coming

发表时间:Dec. 6, 2014, 4:23 p.m.

Product Introduction:


K800 Multifunction USB sound card is the digital audio product newly developed for the network voice entertainment. It is plug and play and it has built-in mixer, bass and treble adjustment, music input, line output, amp, remote control and other functions. Dynamic and condenser microphones can be used. It is Widely used in network karaoke, voice chat, personal recordings, music and many other occasions, perfectly support for win XP, Vista, win7, 8 systems.



Product Features:


◆ with digital reverb, six kinds of sound, each sound effect has 6 strength, internal controls can be placed freely mix;


◆ using USB interface, USB1.1, USB2.0, USB3.0 interface can be under normal use. And driver-free, plug and play, without any computer setup, all adjustments and switches can be used normally;


◆ can act as a USB-powered mic preamps and Kara OK to use;


◆ Equipped with electret microphone headset interface and dynamic interface, plug and play;


◆ design of the instrument inputs, together with the effect of treatment microphone, sing obtain high quality results;


◆ Equipped with musical input interface, you can enter the accompaniment of music;


◆ with bass and treble adjustment functions for different people's needs;




Technical parameters:


Interface: USB plug and play, completely free driver, without any additional software


Operating System: suitable for a variety of operating systems, including Windows family, Linux series, Mac OS series, etc.


Sampling rate: 44.1kHz / 16Bit (typical), 48kHz / 24Bit (highest)


SNR: 80dB


Distortion: 0.003% (at 1kHz)


Maximum size(LxHxW):140 x 90 x 30mm


Monomer weight: about 223g