NKR K900 Online Karaoke Computer Sound Card is Updated

发表时间:Dec. 8, 2014, 1:26 a.m.

K900 Multifunction USB sound card is the digital audio product newly developed for the network voice entertainment. It is plug and play and it has built-in mixer, bass and treble adjustment, music input, line output, amp, remote control and other functions. Dynamic and condenser microphones can be used. It is Widely used in network karaoke, voice chat, personal recordings, music and many other occasions, perfectly support for win XP, Vista, win7, 8 systems. 

1. The hardware reverb, hardware stereo mix.
2. Plug and play, without any computer settings.
3. 8 kinds of reverb sound, 8 reverb intensity.
4. Support for all operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac, driver-free operation.
5. Full hardware adjustment, and settings are automatically saved.
6. Directly connected to the computer karaoke OK.
7. Accompanying music input and instrument input, which can be accessed wireless microphone signals.
8. The low distortion, low noise preamp professional circuit.
9. Preamp volume, low noise preamp professional circuit.
10. Monitor volume, treble, bass adjustment;
11. The music volume, recording volume control circuit.
12. Optimizing for Web chat and karaoke, with easy operation.
13. Electret headset, dynamic microphone interface can be accessed high-grade condenser microphone.
14. The low-noise, high-fidelity audio circuitry.
15. The music, chat, singing mode.
16. Independent headphones, earbuds output interface.

17. USB powered.

1. Power: <= 1.25W (USB 5v, <= 250mA)
2. SNR:> = 105dB (music),> = 85dB (microphone)
3. Distortion: <= 0.005% (music), <= 0.1% (microphone)

4. The maximum drive capacity: 600mW (headphone output), 300mW (ear output)

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