NKR K2000 Mobile Mixer Comes into the Market

发表时间:June 2, 2017, 10:29 p.m.

Mini Pocket DJ Mixer :

Product Description:
Mode: Bluetooth receive; also can be wired to receive; Product Name: NKR K2000 mixer;
Product Voltage: 5V;
Capacity: 1080mAh;
Color: blue and white, etc;
Size: 135MM*93MM*30MM;
Standard configuration: host 1, box 1, a power supply, USB power line 1, 3.5 audio cable 2;
1, High Quality: the use of high capacity batteries, superior quality;
2, New Style: precise play, high-end appearance, fashion design;

3, Multi-role: mobile phones, laptop, tablet computers, DVD
and other music playback, volume monitor, built-in high capacity rechargeable electric battery, USB power plug.
Product Description:

★ The machine adopts high-end IC module, multiple protection, security and stability. Excellent circuit design to ensure a good quality and stable performance;
★ Intelligent Power Failure Recovery is a major feature of the product, the product has a playback, multi-function monitor;

★ advanced processing softly technology, in addition to throwing continuous murmur, ensure clear sound quality;
★ this product can be an external amplifier, passive and active speakers.

★ working temperature: -10 ° C- 60 ° C; ★ total harmonic distortion: ≤1%;
★ Frequency response: 40HZ-18KHZ ★ Frequency response: 50HZ-18KHZ; ★ Output Impedance: 8 ohms;

★ Power supply: DC 5V;
★ USB plug, 5V power supply, the signal output from 3.5 stereo

audio plug;

★ Built-in 4-way independent audio output amplifier, all the way to amplify the output of each other;