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3-band American EQ, band attenuation, with display mute selector switch, and the other has a monitoring function +6 mono signal input + built-in digital effects processor (16 kinds of specialized ad hoc Basis + Kara OK special effects scenes sound). 
The new large-screen display with multi-format (MP3 interface, USB interface) MP3 player (with separate switching button) a key MP3 audio equipment can cut this tune or mix stereo channels, selectable stereo input control section to control the MP3 player tone.

  • 8 input channel low-noise amplifier vocal mixer; 
  • Master 2X7-band graphic equalizer, 48V phantom power; 
  • Analog DSP digital display 16 kinds of effects; 
  • Multi-format (MP3 interface, USB interface, SD card interface) MP3 player, large screen display; 
  • Elegant design, suitable for stage performances, wedding performances, meetings, etc.; 
  • Let MP3 and EFF independent switch, effectively reduce the noise; 
  • Each independent channel mute switch setting, the convenience of occasions; 
  • The effect of the delay in seconds with each table; 
  • Side handle design, easy to carry. 
  • High-precision three-color precision level column that shows exactly what the output level 
  • High degree of travel 60MM fader. 
  • Built-in mute switch power supply, easy to use and flexible.

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz; ± 0.5DB. 
  • Harmonic distortion and noise:-30dB, <0.007%. 
  • The equivalent input noise microphone input:-128dBu. 
  • No line noise: (20Hz-20KHz). 
  • Channel Mute:> 6dB 
  • Fader position: (Mark +10 dB):> 96dB 
  • Aux send port:> 86dB 
Input and output impedance: 
  • Microphone Input: 2.4KΩ 
  • Line input: 11KΩ 
  • Stereo input: 100KΩ 
  • Input and output level: 75Ω 
  • Microphone Maximum input: +17 dBu 
  • Line Maximum input: +30 dBU 
  • Stereo Maximum input: +30 dBU 
  • Maximum mix outputs: +20 dBu 
  • Maximum headphone output: 300mw/200Ω 
  • HE (high frequency): 12KHz ± 15Db 
  • MF (MF): 140Hz-3KHz, 15Db 
  • LF (low frequency): 80Hz, ± 15Db