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  • Portable mixer fixed in the Trunk, and with a protective surface cover, easy to transport, to carry. 
  • With hidden microphone preamps, insert 
  • Phantom power 4-channel digital stereo channels +4 
  • 2 auxiliary sends and two aux returns 
  • On all channels 3-band EQ (low-cut on all mono) 
  • 7-band stereo graphic equalizer with FBQ Feedback Detection 
  • Kara OK to use for voice cancellation 
  • Digital display 16 kinds of analog DSP effects 
  • Master EQ dual 7-segment 
  • Two sets of three-color 10-segment level display 
  • Each channel has a channel signal switch, a high performance microphone input amplifier circuit.

  • Harmonic distortion: less than or equal 0.05% 
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz +1 dB-3dB 
  • SNR:-64dB 
  • Maximum Output: 4V Max 
  • Input Sensitivity: Mic:-60dB 
  • Line:-34dB 
  • SUB in: +4 dB 
  • Tape in:-10dB 
  • Input EQ: HI ± 70dB10KHz 
  • MID: ± 70dB2.5KHz 
  • LOW ± 70dB100KHz 
  • Output power: 2X300W (4Ω)